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DevOps Consultancy Services

A Holistic Approach

A Holistic Approach

"As Code" - Codifying starts you off on the right foot. Management, Collaboration, Validation and Optimisation is made easy through version control. Programming patterns can be applied and good governance adopted through tooling.


Baked In Quality - TDD, Pair Programming, Unit Testing and automation testing are practices that are usually adopted during brown field projects. We work with you to adopt these practices from day 1.

Value Stream - It's critical you know your path to production. Eliminating waste in your delivery process saves you money and refocuses your effort in delivering value, faster.

Non Functional Gates - Performance,
security and usability are but a few quality  gates that all automation tasks should be measured against.

Self Service - As part of shifting left, we
enable autonomous teams to take control of their non production destinies. By using template request forms and task pipelines. 90% of decisions can be made within the team.

CI and Learning - Lean and Agile principles form the bedrock of our ideals. We believe in an ongoing learning pathway in which all our customers can access and be supported with throughout their journey.

Production Analytics - Our consultants can uncover potential horizons within your data through ML and AI tools.We can help you make the best decisions.

Scalable - Can you scale? People, process and tooling must cater for the dynamic nature of high performing delivery. We look at many aspects of your business to identify uplift potentials and future proofing ideas.

DevOps Leadership

DevOps Leadership

We know DevOps. But do you know DevOps? Our goal is to instill the knowledge and passion we have for DevOps into your organisation. More importantly, into your people.

We are firm believers of the 3 ways of DevOps. They encapsulate our approach to providing the best service possible. 

download (2).png

1. Flow

download (3).png

2. Feedback

download (4).png

3. Experimentation

The tool chain offerings are endless and constantly evolving. It's easy to lose your centre when presented with so many options. We continuously investigate all the tools in the marketplace and regularly catch up with vendors to ensure we are on the pulse of proven, best of breed and emerging technologies.


We are certified training partners with a globally recognised DevOps certification provider. We ensure your people will posses the skills that are consistent with industry standards.

Th Right Engagement

The Right Engagement

Let's not sugar coat it. Depending on your organisations current maturity which can be determined using the metrics below, The journey could be a long one. The important thing to remember is that we will be with you every step of the way. We can start our partnership at level 1 to help visualise regressive impacts to the business or we can have some fun and start looking at how to get the most out of your high performing teams.


Where To From Here?

1. Coffee Catch Up

Let's get together. Bring us into your world. Find out what we are about and if our flavour of automation is what you're looking for.

2. Showcase How We Can Help

We get excited about showcasing our ideas and getting your stakeholders involved. We can present them at your place or ours. A 1 hour appointment and a whiteboard is all we need.

3. Start Our Journey

Big dreams start from small ideas. Let's look at how we can get you delivering value from day 1. Every day after that is a bonus

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