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Agile DevOps Maturity Assessment

What is it?

A maturity assessment is essentially a method of measurement that helps indicate whether or not a certain solution or strategy is right for you based on the answers provided within the assessment. It can help answer some questions such as;

  • Do we have the right strategy and road map in place to deliver what our customers want?

  • Do we have the right people in place to drive our initiatives successfully?

  • Are the processes and culture we have in our company foster the requires attitudes and mindsets required to be high performing?

  • Do we have the right tools to do the heavy lifting and bring forth innovation?


How Assessments Are Conducted?

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Review Current State

  • Independent Assessment of your Current State

  • Capability, Awareness and Readiness


Report Findings

  • A score against a comprehensive maturity model 

  •  Highlight Opportunities and Impediments

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  • Details the prioritised actions needed to achieve the required outcome

  • Build a timeline of key milestones and enablers

How Long Do Assessments Take?

Every engagement is different. We try to provide as much value and insight as possible with minimal disruption to you day to day. Here is a typical time frame.


What's In It For You?


Know where you are at

  • A great way to motivate improvement and change

  • Identify opportunity to pivot


Uncover your weak points

  • Act on strengthening your business by knowing your weaknesses

  • A great way to get buy in from stakeholders


Get outsider's perspective

  • Less subjective point of view 

  • Builds trust in your organisation

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